Our mission is simple: to help protect our coastlines and marine life from the damage that humans have caused.

We, at Shark Byte, grew up in the Midwest, with only lakes, rivers and streams, only traveling to see the ocean once in a while. It was that first time, I absolutely fell in love with the ocean, it's majesty, tranquility, and power. 

I went on a snorkeling trip in Hawai'i where, for the first time, I saw marine life up close and personal. Swimming with sea turtles and sting rays, and watching all the colorful fish pick at the coral.

I also saw a lot of trash floating in an inlet. That's when I knew, this is a real problem.....and that was 15 years ago.

On a recent trip to The Bahamas, for our anniversary, we saw the straw problem in a very bright light. While relaxing in a cabana, we took a look at the sand around us, and to our surprise, there was clear single-use plastic straws all over. In 30 seconds, we picked up everything that was around the cabana, 23 straws in total.

We decided to walk the beach and see what more we could find. In 1 hour, we picked up a total of 131 plastic straws...in the sand, in the ocean, on the rocks. We knew we had to do more!

SharkStraw was already in the process of being manufactured and shipped to Amazon, but we need to do MORE. We NEED to spread the word, raise awareness, and be more self-conscious about single-use plastics.

Please help us with our mission to eliminate single-use plastic straws, by purchasing a SharkStraw today!

Thank you,

Joe Sharkey